Yarn Along

Hello! Joining Ginny today for the monthly Yarn Along. I have been knitting a lot this winter. Not really finishing much at the moment but I am enjoying the time sitting in front of the fire watching snowflakes fall. Still winter here in Maine and it will be for some time. Good think I like it.


I did finish some dishrags. We really needed them and so one weekend I just decided to whip them up. I like them on the small side because they fit into cups and glasses better that way. I have so much cotton in my stash that it was nice to have some color choices.


I read “Plain and Simple”. It was a nice read. I have always loved reading about the Amish. I don’t think I would want to live that simply, but the peacefulness that it conveys does appeal to me.


I am working on a sweater from the magazine “Making”. It is called Canvas Cardigan. It is out of the Making No. 3 Dots. I am enjoying the knit and learning something new. Set in sleeves with short rows.


I have also been reading all the Making magazines that I have so far. My husband got me the subscription for my birthday. I love looking at all the ideas. Not just knitting, but sewing and cooking too!

We are getting yet another snow storm. Much needed in fact because right now we have mostly hard icy snow that isn’t all that fun to ski and snowshoe on. Enjoy your day what ever it brings!





10 thoughts on “Yarn Along

  1. Yes, Maine is definitely still having a winter. I’m pretty sure it is never-ending at this point! My three kids would love to get out in the snow, but it seems like every time we get some snow, it is immediately followed by a warm up to melt it down quite a bit and then frigid temps so they can’t go out anyways – or if they do they are wearing their bike helmets so they don’t crack their heads open trying to get around on the ice. I don’t think I have heard of the Making magazine before – I think I will have to look for it!


  2. Knitting is always a good way to spend time, even if you aren’t finishing anything 🙂 I’m envious you have snow, I’m forever hopeful at this time of year but it is rare in my area of the UK.


  3. WOW, love your reads! I am a big fan of anything Amish! Read ‘Plain and Simple’ years ago and loved it. I have quilted with Amish women in Lancaster and what an amazing experience. Amish women have a great sense of humor. Will always cherish that experience.
    Your dish clothes are great. Knitted dish clothes are all I use in my kitchen as well.


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