Yarn Along

Along with all that sewing I have been doing this winter I have been knitting as well. I have finished two halves of socks. What you say? My girls both wanted a new pair of wool socks and they both wanted them to be long socks. I am not the worlds fastest knitter and I knew one girl might be waiting for their pair long after the sister pair already was knit. I don’t do the magic loop so I decided to work on each girls’ socks at the same time. Each girl has one sock so far, one grey, one black. I did some color work also at the cuff, heel and toe. Now I will cast on for the other one, for each. Make sense? I am using Classic Socks for the Family pattern by Melinda Goodfellow.


I am still working on my pink sweater. I am on the sleeves! Yippee! Hoping it will be done before Easter. It is going to be the perfect Spring sweater. Light pink, wool for those still cold days, and shorter in length than my other sweaters. I am hoping it looks good with my dark jeans. (The only pair I own and wear). This pattern is Canvas Cardigan by Carrie Bostick Hoge. I got it out of the Making Magazine No. 3 Dots.


I am reading a sweet little book called “At Home in Mitford”. One of my older friends recommended it and I love it. It is a quick read. Nice for right before bed as it is happy and cheerful. I am also reading “Raising the Home Duck Flock”. I am thinking of introducing ducks into my life. I wonder how they get along with chickens? I am also wondering if they can live in the same space as chickens. My husband that works many hours away from home will not be very keen on making a new structure this summer. Because he loves me so much he will but if I can avoid it I will. Anyone out there raise ducks?


I am joining Ginny today for her March Yarn Along. Now I am off to see what everyone else is up to.



4 thoughts on “Yarn Along

  1. Your socks look good and I can tell by the picture that you have a Singer 66 Redeye. I have a black 66 with gold decals and also a Lotus hand crank 66. I love old sewing machines. You can see their pictures on my blog. Happy sock knitting!


  2. The socks look lovely. I’m still working on my four at a time socks and am still knitting my king size afghan. The process is still very slow because of my arm/wrist issues.

    My parents raised ducks, turkeys, chickens, geese, pigs, and goats when my brother and I were children. I have thought about getting chickens for our place. We do have space.


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