Refreshed and Energized



At least I hope I am. Right now I feel that way. This has been a weird winter for me. Normally I am happy and find plenty to do that excites me during the winter. This winter though, I have been a little down. I blame it on the dreary weather. Seems like we have not seen the sun much this season.

I just got back from visiting my three sons! One lives in Bristol, about an hour and a half away and the other two live in South Portland which is another hour from Bristol. I spent the night with one son in his house and I slept in a hotel while visiting the other two. Who doesn’t like a hotel once in a while?

While away I was lazy, watched junk TV in the hotel, had wonderful thought provoking conversations, ate great food, and collected my thoughts. Driving is good for that. If you can go without music anyway. I made some lists, updated my journal, made some phone calls, and feel much more ‘caught up’. And maybe a bit cheerful.

I still came home to a disorganized house but I have a plan for that. Soon Spring will come and with that a very big Spring Clean!

I tried to visit a few quilt and fiber shops but for some reason most are closed on Sunday and Monday. Oh well, next time I will plan a mid week getaway.

Things are not perfect in my brain but much better. I can see some light anyway. For a variety of reasons 2017 had been a doozy of a year and I think I am still healing. Maybe we all are. It seems like many people I talk to are feeling the same way as me right now. Winter, grey days, politics, our world, what ever the reason, it is what it is and we must all go on. Now, after a bit of a break I feel I can go on a little easier.




2 thoughts on “Refreshed and Energized

  1. It certainly has been a weird year. World news has been depressing and the winter has been awful for snow lovers. We got our snow shoes out exactly once this year and the when we tried to hike a week ago, the entire trail was a sheet of ice. Here’s hoping we don’t have an extended mud season.


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