Winter is for Stitching

March is here. We are boiling sap, and watching the snow recede more and more. Stepping over, around and sometimes through the mud. The days are growing longer again. I am starting to feel like my sewing days are getting shorter. I’ve been thinking about my gardens. The blueberries, shrubs, and flowers that I ordered last fall that will be arriving soon. The chickens, ducks, and rabbits will be ordered soon. A large part of me wants this Spring to slow down. I am not done sewing!

0228181953_resizedI do sew all through the year but it slows significantly in the warmer months. I am pulled outside. I will sew mostly in the early morning and after dark, which in the summer can come at 8 or later. Here it is March and my garden is still covered with snow, and it is way too cold to start chicks so I have a little more time to keep stitching away.



Another reason for my sewing impatience is I have three projects going at the same time and a (March) birthday quilt that is waiting to be cut! I feel like I won’t get it all done!


I am sewing the binding on a sweet little baby quilt right now. I have no baby in mind but wanted to make a pink baby quilt. I have visions of craft fairs and a possible Etsy shop some day so I have been just sewing things up.


This embroidery piece is ready to be made into a pillow or wall hanging. Nice and springy! I may use the scraps from the baby quilt for this.


I made myself a tunic. It came out good. A little tight in the shoulder area and a little loose in the front neck but I have worn it a few times this winter and I like it. I have tried so hard on another tunic of a different pattern and have been stuck on the placket for the collar. It is in time out. 😉


So I will leave you with the syrup that came from the sap. A sign of Spring. A sign of less sewing and stitching for me. I am going to enjoy it all while I can. How about you, are you feeling hurried to finish before the good weather returns?




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