Ice, Ice, Baby

Just a quick stop here today. I snapped some pictures of the recent ice storm we had. These ice storms are much more frequent than I ever remember. Mostly I cringe when I hear or see that we are having one because I really hate losing my electricity. I stay very warm and toasty but none of our water works. That is a pain.


But I do stop to see the beauty in it after it is all over. It is so sparkly. Today the birds were out chirping away, the turkeys were traveling through. The squirrels were chasing each other in attempts at some early mating maybe? The sun was shining and to me it seemed like Spring. Of course it is only January but that is the feeling I got.


Today, like many days I took a walk in the woods. I find it incredible how much the wood can change from day to day from storm to storm. My tracks get covered, trees are bent and block trails. I can get disorientated pretty easily. Have you ever followed deer tracks just to see where they go? I do that a lot.


I like following deer tracks because they make a path but also because the snow is usually packed down where they have walked. Many times when I don’t wear my snowshoes it is much easier to walk where even just one deer has passed. I think they sense where the shallow snow is and choose their path with that in mind. Almost always the deer bring me to water.


On the way home I bumped into Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street. He was frozen. I am sure you can see him. I was able to!


Anyway, as always it was a lovely walk. I hope you are enjoying this sunny, warmish, day.




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