Oh, My Golly!







Don’t you hate hearing people say “I’ve been sooo busy!” ? I do, but I find myself saying it. I’ve read articles on how to not be so busy or at least to think about the busyness in a different way.  Like finding joy along the way. Like how we saw a beautiful rainbow on our way to orchestra class last Friday. My busy times have been good ones so it isn’t a negative thing. I do regret not really having time to sit and blog. ‘They’ say it’s all about making the time. So, hear I go!

I finally stopped itching! We are still having summer here in Maine so at least I get to enjoy some of it! I was out in the garden yesterday. I thinned beets while my daughter harvested zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, and a few small cukes. The garden is still producing and it is middle of September! I am thinking of ordering some chicks. They would be laying by Spring. The only thing stopping me is my inability to make a decision. I am worried it will be too cold. The chicken FB site says it will be fine. I really should just do it. I have a beautiful, large and safe coop that has gone unused for a year. It is time.

I have been knitting, and sewing. I made a dress ( A Washi ) and I have been doing some alterations for a friend. I am knitting a shawlette for a wedding I may be going to. (I say may because I still have not settled childcare for the girls yet) I am also working on socks. I am finding my groove again. Even making up menus and baking bread again. Routines work so well for me.

Speaking of routines we have a brand new one this year. My oldest daughter is going to school. Eighth grade! I am at home with just one child. That hasn’t happened since 1991! My youngest daughter and I have started Bullet Journals together. So far it is very fun. We are taking our ‘school’ year pretty slow. Planning what we want to do. I know it will have sewing and art. Yes, a little math too. We even put in a rest and relaxation (knitting) time in our schedule. That I love.

I missed the boat in blogging about all our camping trips, the girls’ camps, and some landscaping project that we have been working on all summer. I am looking forward to my 50th birthday! Wow, Oh my Golly, 50! I can’t decide what I want to do. I am torn between going away by myself for some quiet and pampering or a get together with our family here at home. Maybe I will have to do both!

I hope you all are in your fall groove. It feels good!



2 thoughts on “Oh, My Golly!

  1. I love your dress. Our garden has done very well this year. I really need to post some pictures. Hows your daughter school? I’m slowly working on a pair of socks. These are taking a while since I’m experiencing a lot of wrist pain.

    I can relate to being busy, it’s something I’m experiencing also. Happy upcoming birthday. Mine was at the beginning of October, I’ll be 47. My daughter started homeschooling this year. She enjoys it a lot. She’s doing a mix of online classes and she’s taking a few classes at her local homeschool co-op. With the classes at the co-op, they are mainly technology based. For example, her current co-op class is an introduction to 3D printing. She’s artistically gifted and I thought it would be a great idea for her to see the ways that she could use her artistic abilities. There are a few courses that are centered on science.She’ll be taking chemistry in the spring from a professor whos part of my local homeschooling co-op, and shell also is taking a class that focuses on public speaking/debate. I that class she’ll work independently and occasionally with a mentor regarding a project that she chooses. She’ll have to present/debate its benefits at that time. Of course, I’ll be there the entire time assisting/supporting her. It’s a bit odd for her to be here most days but were both enjoying it immensely.


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