Just Time

We didn’t do any big celebration for Summer Solstice this year. It was in the middle of the week. Dad had to work the next day. It has been really wet. Too wet to try and light a fire. It is fine though, we have lots of things planned for the summer. We also have lots of un-planned time as well. I think that is what summer is for! Each girl has a week of camp. We ‘sort’ of have a camping trip planned for some time this summer in the eastern part of the state.  There will be a 4th of July party. I have a loose plan to take the girls to an island, on a ferry, with bikes. We have plans to visit all the boys at some point too. But for the most part it will be a free, uncluttered calendar, kind of summer. I am very happy about that.


There has been time. Just that. Time. In this first full week without lessons, or plans, or driving, there has been time for sitting, knitting, baking, and playing. It is amazing to watch how the girls transform back into their playful, relaxed, and thoughtful selves. I sometimes wonder if it would be boring to always have so much time. It wouldn’t for me but I wonder about the girls. For now though I know they are enjoying all this unstructured time.

I made myself an apron. With a friend, we each made one. It is a wrap around apron and I absolutely love it. It is so comfortable. It has two deep pockets. I can easily wear it all day if I needed to. No ties around the waist. I can’t say enough about it. I made the first pie of the season. Yes, the season, in my opinion, starts now. It is now that all the fresh fruits start to ripen. This pie is a Strawberry-Rhubarb. Both in season right now. My daughter decorated the pie for Father’s day. We both talked about doing a year of pies. This being the first we wondered what July would be. Blueberry? We are working on what each pie would be. Twelve Pies! Can you imagine? Stay tuned.



There was an afternoon when we sat outside being silly. My daughter taught my how to take a selfie. It isn’t as easy as you would think. It must come naturally for her at her young age of thirteen. After too many shots to count we did get one, maybe two, that were acceptable. Not great, but acceptable. Yes, I am still wearing the apron.



The moths are stuck to the screens in the morning. That is always fun to play with them and identify them. I have started the sleeves on my angora sweater. It has a Moorish Lattice on the yoke. This sweater is the softest thing. I wish you could feel it. I tried to do the sleeves two at a time with a magic loop. I learned the technique and felt comfortable with it but my yarn is so fine and stretchy that where the loops were being pulled the sweater was getting stretched and holey. So I switched to a 16 inch circular and it looks much better. I am glad I learned magic loop though!

Today it is rainy. The girls are playing with a castle that one of them made out of foam board. She made it in two days. It is huge. This is what passing the time is all about. I am looking forward to more of it.

I hope you are enjoying your summer so far.




2 thoughts on “Just Time

  1. Time, I need to find more of that. If you have any additional time can you please send it my way? I really love the picture of you and your daughter. It’s beautiful. I really like your curly hair too. Mine is coily and my daughter’s curls are like yours but smaller. I do adore magic loop. I think I mentioned I have knit a sweater, but it was for an infant. I would love to make one for myself. How long does it normally take you to knit a sweater? Thus far, the largest knit project I’ve made is the poncho that I knit out of my handspun mohair. That was a huge project and the one I’m most proudest of, since I started with raw mohair that I had to wash, spin, dye and then knit.
    Off topic…
    My daughter officially starts homeschooling in July. We’re both extremely excited about this opportunity. Her friends, from her Lutheran school, are supportive. They both are attending traditional private schools. It’s what my brother and I attended throughout our school adventure. One is attending a Baptist school the other Catholic.


    1. I can imagine I will not be so free for long. It looks like our daughters are trading places as mine is trying school this year. I will still have the youngest here at home. She will keep me busy especially without her sister here. Good for you on your mohair. I have never knit with it or done any hand spun. I take a while to knit sweaters. Especially when the yarn is fingering and sport. I knit up a sweater in about a month using some thick eco wool. Not quite bulky but it knit up quick. I have not taken a picture of that one yet. Enjoy the Home schooling!


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