Not Just for Show

The hot weather has arrived, just as they said it would. Yesterday was a bit much but I stayed cool by sitting in front of the fan, sitting by the lake, and working in my sewing room, which is in the basement of our house. Now that all my boys are off on their own I have the whole basement to myself. The main room, which has big windows and a sliding glass door is where I have my machines set up. The little spare room is where I am increasingly filling up with ‘extras’ such as batting, fabric, and supplies. With a wood stove in the corner it is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Just the place to go for me!

I have three machines that I use often. Two others are antiques and I love having them but I don’t really use them much. The main machine I use is a Singer Quilting Machine. My husband bought it for me after another Singer I had died. My father bought me that one over twenty years ago. It was the machine I learned to sew and quilt on. I think I still have it somewhere up in a closet. Couldn’t let it go I guess.



More and more I find myself also using a little black Singer 221. I have been using it on my small pieced quilt blocks. My long time friend gave it to me for my birthday. I go to sew with her at her house and would use it there. Now I can bring it with me when I sew at her house. It came with a black carrying case. It is perfect for travel sewing. It is such a nice machine to use. It is quiet and very precise. It has been fun learning to sew with it.



Another machine I use often is also a Singer. I call it my ‘Green Machine’. It is a workhorse. I use it for sewing denim and canvas. It is perfect for anything thick and bulky. It is a Singer 257.


My two antique machines are not in my sewing room. One, another Singer, is up in my bedroom. The same friend that gave me the 221 gave this Singer 66 Treadle. She also game me the wonderful table too. It is so pretty. I have used it and need to practice more. I know I will be able to sew should the power go out!



My father is a ‘Ford’ man and I am a ‘Singer’ gal. Except for one. Another friend gave me his grandmother’s antique sewing machine. When I first saw it I was so surprised, because it didn’t look like any sewing machine that I had ever seen. It is a Wilcox and Gibbs machine. My friend that gave me the Singers cleaned up the Wilcox and Gibbs and sent me lots of videos on how to sew with it. I did figure it out. It is a chain stitch machine. No bobbin. It is a beauty too. I keep it in my dining room, with the lovely cover on to protect the machine.



So there you have it. A little tour of all my machines. I never imagined I would have so many. My friend still has me beat by a long shot. She has an ‘museum’! She also fixes and revamps antique machines for a business so naturally she will have many around. We all have our passions. We need to go with it. I love to sew. Proudly I can sew on all of my machines. They are not only for show.


3 thoughts on “Not Just for Show

  1. My sewing area is in the basement as well, though I am not lucky enough to have a window. it feels sort of dungeony down there, and I find myself not wanting to sew because of it. I dream of a sewing room on the main floor with sunlight! Look like a great set up. Love those old machines!


  2. I used to be in a smaller room in the basement with no windows. I had an electrician come put in big, bright LED lights in the drop ceiling. It helped a lot. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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