A Real Spring







If you live in Maine you will know what I am talking about today. We have been experiencing a real Spring. Cool temperatures with rain. Lots of rain. So much rain I have had to combat slugs for the first time ever. I have lost some broccoli plants. It is sad. But I am hoping they grow back. Now that I am fighting with slugs.

I almost caught myself complaining about this weather we are having. Almost said that I am sick of the cold and rain. I am kind of sick of it but then I remember how much I really abhor the hot, and humid weather. The sun has come out a few times in the last few weeks and it was beautiful. There was a slight breeze and it felt a little like fall, which is my absolute favorite season.

It isn’t fall though, it is Spring. I cannot remember the last time we have had such a prolonged Spring season. Many times it is muddy, with snow melt and then it seems to get hot really fast. I find myself complaining that we hardly had a Spring and now it feels like summer! Well I am enjoying this lovely weather. Yes it is rainy and cool but it has been really good for my garden. My tomatoes and peppers are nice and snug under plastic so they have not suffered. My spinach and lettuce love this weather. The broccoli that didn’t get eaten is doing well. My asparagus is a forest! The garlic is up and thriving. Shallots are up and healthy looking. I have greens galore. They love this cool weather.

The forecast is for the temps to slowly inch up in a couple of days. Then another day or two of rain and then on Monday and Tuesday we will be hot, hot! I will have to shade the greens and broccoli. Uncover the tomatoes and peppers. I will have to wear next to nothing and sit in front of a fan. I will try not to complain. We had a nice Spring. Summer is just around the corner and I have known it would come sooner or later. Another week and the girls and I will be free to escape to a lake or the ocean. We can watch the garden grow. Make sun tea and sit in the shade. Read some books on the beach and drink lemonade and eat fruit salad. Doesn’t that sound delightful?






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