Signs of Spring

Spring has arrived. That is what the calendar says. Some people would say there is no way that Spring has arrived to the state of Maine but I have noticed that there are signs of Spring here. Not in the form of flowers or buds. Signs nonetheless.


The sun is higher now. This photo was taken at 4PM. The sun is setting much later now. I know the time change helped with that but still, it is later.


I went for a walk this weekend. It just felt like Spring.




We dug out one of the hoop houses this weekend too. I was thinking that there must be something in there since the sun has been higher. We had to dig about 3 ft down to be able to lift the plastic.


I was not surprised to see some green. Most of it is overwintered but I did notice a little new growth. I guess this means gardening season has begun! Now I need to get out there and plant some more lettuce and spinach seeds.



The sap is flowing as well which is always a sign of Spring. I didn’t collect sap last year and I really missed the syrup. It is so expensive to buy in the store. This year we should have a nice amount. It is simmering on the stove as I write this.


Another sign of Spring is the sun on my face is warm and I love the feeling. On my walk I put my hand up to block the sun so I could see something that was on a tree and I felt the warmth of the sun on my hand. It is so strong.

Happy Spring to you! Hope you are seeing some signs around you.



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