And Snow Again!

Interestingly on the day I decide to do a blog post there is another blizzard blowing its way through Maine. The very last post before this one we were having a big storm as well. It is almost pure white outside my window.

I brought some Forsythia inside a few weeks ago, as I always do every single year. I love forcing them to bloom. It gives us a bit of color and warmth during the white and cold of winter.


I have been sewing and knitting like crazy. I know Spring and gardening are on its way so I am trying to fit in as much stitching as I can before I get busy outside. The girls are doing their classes at the outdoor adventure school again on Fridays and that gives me a whole day to myself. I don’t really need the day though because my night sewing and afternoon knitting have been consistent enough to make progress.

I made these cute little zipper bags for projects or whatever will fit in them. I love the fabric so much and I have been trying to use up some recycled denim.


They were so easy to make and I plan to make more! I am really excited that I was able to get over my fear of zippers. I also have been making journal covers and some drawstring bags.

While the snow is blowing and coming down in sheets I am cooking a whole chicken in the cast iron pot on the wood stove. It is smelling so, so good that I want to eat it right now. I will cook up some rice and make a nice salty, creamy gravy.

In future posts I plan to show you all my sewing machines. I just got another antique one. And I want to tell you what knitting has done for me since I learned. Stay tuned. And thanks for visiting my blog!




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