Five Stars Picnic Quilt

Did you ever start making a quilt and not really know who it was for or why you were making it? I started making a quilt before Christmas. I purchased a pattern that I loved from Cory Yoder on Coriander Quilts. She named the quilt Persimmon. It looked really easy and it was so eye catching. I have never been very good at reading directions from start to finish. I didn’t surprise myself much when I started making this quilt the blocks were huge. I started looking at the pattern and realized that if I continued to make as many blocks as was called for in the pattern, the quilt would be big enough to cover my roof. After a little research, and reading the directions a little more carefully, I found that there are jelly rolls and there are also Honey buns. I was supposed to buy a honey bun. So my blocks were about double the size they should have been.

I took the blocks I had already made and placed them in such a way that there are four colored stars and one big white star in the center.


I really love it now that it is hanging and I can see the stars. I decided that we would use this quilt for our picnics and beach days. The fabric has little girls doing cartwheels and jumping rope. It is super cute and the colors are bold and bright. The fabric is from a line by Aneela Hoey and it is called Posy.

The quilt looks pretty cool on the backside as well.


I am going to take Cory’s advice on quilting it and use long stitches and hand quilt it. I started quilting last night. I am using an old, big hoop I have. It may be a little bit too big but all my other ones are way too small. So I am making do, and it is going well.



I plan to quilt in blue, pink and yellow embroidery thread. It is fun quilting with the big stitches. Much easier than the tiny ones.

What are you making this week?




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