Outside in February

Well of course the groundhog saw his shadow. Six more weeks of winter. That is fine with me. I really enjoy winter. I always liked it mostly because I used to love being inside and being cozy. Lots of time for reading and sewing. As I have grown older with my children I have realized that there are lots of things to do outside in winter and now I like it even more.

My girls are taking cross country ski lessons. They love it. Twice a week they are in the meadow and woods learning to ski. I take advantage of the time and go snow shoeing. It is a quiet, beautiful walk out in the woods. The trails are nicely packed down and there are many different trails to walk on. I feel at peace out there all alone.




On Friday we left town for a couple of days. We drove to the White Mountains in New Hampshire. We visited the Ice Castle’s in Lincoln NH. They were beautiful. I have more pictures on my camera but I seem to have misplaced it. The castles were up the road from our hotel so we were able to walk to them. We went at night when the colors were bright and we could see the stars up in the sky. It was very cold, but breathtakingly fresh.



These are the pictures from my phone. I have much better ones on the camera. Crossing my fingers that I find it.

Here is this week’s menu:

Monday:  Pizza or Calzones

Tuesday:  Baked chicken parts, brown rice, and cauliflower

Wednesday: Hamburger Patties, cubed potatoes, brussel sprouts

Thursday: Bean and cheese quesadillas

Friday:  Lasagna              

Saturday: Ribs, roasted sweet potato and beets

Sunday: Chicken soup


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