Fun with Pasta!


Pasta! My absolute favorite food. I really could eat it every day. I love it with sauce like the above picture. I love it plain with just butter and salt. I think I would be 500 pounds if I ate it every day so I control myself.

This past Christmas I got a pasta maker. For years I had wanted a nice Kitchen Aid mixer for making bread (my second most favorite food). I saved up for the mixer and honestly it is one of the best appliances I own besides my sewing machines. I use it all the time. I use it for bread and cookies. It is great for making mash potatoes. It makes things so much easier. I mentioned to my family that there was a pasta maker attachment for the mixer. You see, they love pasta too. Kitchen Aid products are very expensive. For us we need to save up for it. Well at Christmas all my sons and husband split the cost between them and got the pasta maker attachment. I love it. I think I have said love a lot in this post.

The girls and me have made pasta by hand before. It was really fun and so, so, tasty. But it took all day. Now I can make a pot of pasta in about an hour. By the way this is not an affiliated post. Not enough people visit my blog yet for me to be getting paid to advertise. This is just my true feelings about an appliance that I really bought. 🙂


The pasta dough recipe we use is from Serious Eats  website. So far I have just used egg, salt and flour. No semolina. I do have some and plan to try it. I wish blogs had a way to let you taste. I am not being over dramatic when I say home made pasta tastes so, so good. It is lighter than the boxed. This pasta cooks up in half the time too. Of course boxed pasta is great for a throw together meal that you need quickly.

We have had a blast playing with the one I got. The girls and I made ravioli once too. It was good, but we followed the recipe and it said to add nutmeg in the ricotta mix. We didn’t really like that part. Making the ravioli was fun. You take sheets of pasta and a wavy pastry roller and make squares, fill, and cover. You press the sides and you are done. Again the home made ravioli cooked up so much quicker.


There are lots of pasta machines out there. Kitchen aid isn’t the only one. If you ever get the chance to use one or buy one I would recommend it. You won’t be sorry. If you do have one let me know what your favorite recipe’s are. We are looking for more.



3 thoughts on “Fun with Pasta!

  1. Ohh… this looks so good. I’ve never made pasta from scratch but have been wanting to try it. I love making bread with my breadmaker. This is making me hungry! 🙂


  2. It looks great. I have a Kitchen Aid. I purchased it about thirteen years ago. I do have the pasta attachment, but have never used it. I do have a manual Atlas pasta machine. I use that. I have all the attachments for that and I do use them. I purchased an additional manual pasta machine for making some of my wire jewelry. 🙂


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