Piles of Snow

Here in the northeast we are getting a good old fashioned blizzard. It is very exciting. The girls have been measuring it since last night. So far in about 12 hours we have 18 inches of snow.


We are warm and cozy inside. Working on our projects. My husband is working from home today too. We had a nice pancake breakfast with apples, blueberries and bananas. The work of clean up will come later. It is still snowing like crazy.

I still have not found my camera. I guess it is officially lost. I will have to use my phone for a while until I save up enough extra for another camera. I will do a little research on them too.

My menu is a bit simple this week. My husband leaves for RI tomorrow and it will just be the three of us here until Friday night. I have quite a few leftover meals in the fridge and the freezer. Time to clean out.

Monday:  Stew beef and gravy over rice with salad

Tuesday:  Grab it

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Grab it

Friday:  Whole Chicken, mashed potatoes, and carrots        

Saturday: Pork Chops Rice and broccoli

Sunday: Seafood Chowder

Enjoy the weather whatever it is for you! 




Five Stars Picnic Quilt

Did you ever start making a quilt and not really know who it was for or why you were making it? I started making a quilt before Christmas. I purchased a pattern that I loved from Cory Yoder on Coriander Quilts. She named the quilt Persimmon. It looked really easy and it was so eye catching. I have never been very good at reading directions from start to finish. I didn’t surprise myself much when I started making this quilt the blocks were huge. I started looking at the pattern and realized that if I continued to make as many blocks as was called for in the pattern, the quilt would be big enough to cover my roof. After a little research, and reading the directions a little more carefully, I found that there are jelly rolls and there are also Honey buns. I was supposed to buy a honey bun. So my blocks were about double the size they should have been.

I took the blocks I had already made and placed them in such a way that there are four colored stars and one big white star in the center.


I really love it now that it is hanging and I can see the stars. I decided that we would use this quilt for our picnics and beach days. The fabric has little girls doing cartwheels and jumping rope. It is super cute and the colors are bold and bright. The fabric is from a line by Aneela Hoey and it is called Posy.

The quilt looks pretty cool on the backside as well.


I am going to take Cory’s advice on quilting it and use long stitches and hand quilt it. I started quilting last night. I am using an old, big hoop I have. It may be a little bit too big but all my other ones are way too small. So I am making do, and it is going well.



I plan to quilt in blue, pink and yellow embroidery thread. It is fun quilting with the big stitches. Much easier than the tiny ones.

What are you making this week?



Outside in February

Well of course the groundhog saw his shadow. Six more weeks of winter. That is fine with me. I really enjoy winter. I always liked it mostly because I used to love being inside and being cozy. Lots of time for reading and sewing. As I have grown older with my children I have realized that there are lots of things to do outside in winter and now I like it even more.

My girls are taking cross country ski lessons. They love it. Twice a week they are in the meadow and woods learning to ski. I take advantage of the time and go snow shoeing. It is a quiet, beautiful walk out in the woods. The trails are nicely packed down and there are many different trails to walk on. I feel at peace out there all alone.




On Friday we left town for a couple of days. We drove to the White Mountains in New Hampshire. We visited the Ice Castle’s in Lincoln NH. They were beautiful. I have more pictures on my camera but I seem to have misplaced it. The castles were up the road from our hotel so we were able to walk to them. We went at night when the colors were bright and we could see the stars up in the sky. It was very cold, but breathtakingly fresh.



These are the pictures from my phone. I have much better ones on the camera. Crossing my fingers that I find it.

Here is this week’s menu:

Monday:  Pizza or Calzones

Tuesday:  Baked chicken parts, brown rice, and cauliflower

Wednesday: Hamburger Patties, cubed potatoes, brussel sprouts

Thursday: Bean and cheese quesadillas

Friday:  Lasagna              

Saturday: Ribs, roasted sweet potato and beets

Sunday: Chicken soup

Fun with Pasta!


Pasta! My absolute favorite food. I really could eat it every day. I love it with sauce like the above picture. I love it plain with just butter and salt. I think I would be 500 pounds if I ate it every day so I control myself.

This past Christmas I got a pasta maker. For years I had wanted a nice Kitchen Aid mixer for making bread (my second most favorite food). I saved up for the mixer and honestly it is one of the best appliances I own besides my sewing machines. I use it all the time. I use it for bread and cookies. It is great for making mash potatoes. It makes things so much easier. I mentioned to my family that there was a pasta maker attachment for the mixer. You see, they love pasta too. Kitchen Aid products are very expensive. For us we need to save up for it. Well at Christmas all my sons and husband split the cost between them and got the pasta maker attachment. I love it. I think I have said love a lot in this post.

The girls and me have made pasta by hand before. It was really fun and so, so, tasty. But it took all day. Now I can make a pot of pasta in about an hour. By the way this is not an affiliated post. Not enough people visit my blog yet for me to be getting paid to advertise. This is just my true feelings about an appliance that I really bought. 🙂


The pasta dough recipe we use is from Serious Eats  website. So far I have just used egg, salt and flour. No semolina. I do have some and plan to try it. I wish blogs had a way to let you taste. I am not being over dramatic when I say home made pasta tastes so, so good. It is lighter than the boxed. This pasta cooks up in half the time too. Of course boxed pasta is great for a throw together meal that you need quickly.

We have had a blast playing with the one I got. The girls and I made ravioli once too. It was good, but we followed the recipe and it said to add nutmeg in the ricotta mix. We didn’t really like that part. Making the ravioli was fun. You take sheets of pasta and a wavy pastry roller and make squares, fill, and cover. You press the sides and you are done. Again the home made ravioli cooked up so much quicker.


There are lots of pasta machines out there. Kitchen aid isn’t the only one. If you ever get the chance to use one or buy one I would recommend it. You won’t be sorry. If you do have one let me know what your favorite recipe’s are. We are looking for more.