Forced Upon Break

Last week would have been the first week that was normal since the holidays. It takes us a while to get back into our normal, what ever that is. Part of the reason is because it takes me a long time to recuperate from a full busy house. Mostly it is me that needs to recuperate. Anyway, I/we were all ready, with a new schedule to boot, to start our week. But, one of the girls got sick. Fever, very sore throat, and a bad headache that included pain behind the eyes. It seemed like she was doing better but then the fever came back. I haven’t seen her this ill in a while. I felt so bad for her. About five or so days later the second daughter followed suit. Poor things. Tea, Tylenol, lozenges, and hot water bottles were administered. It seemed to go on forever. They were tired of being sick. Finally today they are feeling better. Just about a full week of sickness.

Luckily for me, at least so far, I did not get the virus. I didn’t have to drive anywhere. I didn’t really have much to do since the girls didn’t want to do anything. We listened to our audio story quite a bit. Watched nature documentaries on Netflix. ‘The Earth’ series is really good. Of course I knit a bunch. Finished a shawl, and started a sweater.


About this shawl. It is the ‘Truly Tasha’s Shawl’ on Ravelry. I love how it came out.



I also started a sweater. ‘The Sage Blouse’ also on Ravelry. I am not having a good time with it. I love the way it looks on the picture but honestly I have ripped it out because the lattice did not look right. I am hoping to go to my knitting class on Wednesday and find out what I am doing wrong. I don’t like to quit things. I really want to knit this sweater, but if it gives me much more trouble I may have to scrap it.


It looks pretty, but the lattice pattern is wrong. Oh boy. Don’t I love a challenge? No. Not always.

Here is to what will hopefully be a normal week for us. Hope yours is too.




4 thoughts on “Forced Upon Break

  1. Oh being sick is no fun. I’m glad they are feeling better. The shawl looks lovely. The sweater looks squshably soft. Hopefully you’ll get it correct. I’ve been there a few times. Take for example the last socks I knit. I knit toe-up. I had finished the heels (about three hours before) and frogged the entire project. That was easily twenty hours of knitting. I’m a process crafter, and so for me, it really didn’t bother me.


    1. What does process crafter mean? The sweater has not turned out. Even with my knitting teacher’s help. The pattern has some issues and so I am knitting the sweater with a different pattern for the yoke. With my teacher’s help.


      1. I knit for the sake of crafting or in the above case knitting. 😊So for me, starting over is fine since the end product, although lived and appreciated, isn’t the dangling carrot. It appears that you might be similar.

        Off topic, I registered my daughter for school next year (homeschooling) we’re both excited. She wants to start this summer. She also wants to take a few college courses. My brother and I did that too around her age. I do think the following years homeschooling might not be as structured as the first year, but we’ll see! For the last 1.5 years, I became involved with a few local homeschooling communities. I have plenty of friends and family that do homeschool. In fact, it’s what I’ve always wanted to do. Her Lutheran school is fine, but I always have favored homeschooling. ❤️


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