A Year’s Worth, Twice


A year ago I started this blog. I have had other blogs in the past. This one seems different for me because I was able to keep it up for a year. Initially I started it thinking it would help me in my home business venture of crafting and creating. That part is slow but still important. I have realized that it will come, someday. Now blogging is more of a journal to me. I am journal-ling the things I make and cook. Things I do with my family. The things I see on my walks. I don’t stress about getting a post up. If it happens it happens. I live a busy life with a big family. Blogging is not a priority, yet. I have enjoyed coming here and putting up pictures and sharing my creativity. I plan to continue at least for another year.

I have always written down my thoughts when I am confused, or angry, or sad. I still have that journal. I call it my ‘rant’ journal. It isn’t full, thankfully. I don’t write in it every day. Only when I really need to get out some frustrations. It helps me think. Many of the entry titles are ‘Frustrations about….’.


Last January I decided to start a daily written journal along with my blog. I had started journals before and usually I would forget a day, two, a week and then feel like I had failed. I would have a bad day or week and put in a rant or two then I would feel I had ‘ruined’ the journal with negativity. It may sound weird but that is the reason I would usually stop writing in it. So last year when I started yet again I decided that particular notebook would only be for stating what I did, what I accomplished. No big emotional entries. For example, I would write about what project I was working on and how much of it I accomplished. Say ‘five rows of my shawl’. I found it was nice to see how much I really did do outside of the normal chores of the day. I am happy to say that I did write in that journal almost every single day for a year. Except for the week we went to Canada and other days here and there that I didn’t have time to write. I am pretty proud of myself. I filled four notebooks. To any other person reading my journal it would seem pretty boring, but I enjoyed it and now that the year is up I find myself still getting it out and writing in it. I am not going to feel as though I have to do it every day but I feel like it does help me feel good about myself. There were days that I slipped and put in some ‘feelings’ but it didn’t make me want to stop the journal since there were lots and lots of positive things in it already.


I would recommend two journals to everyone. It is nice to have a ‘positive’ journal and a ‘ranting’ one. I can look back and see that I didn’t get caught up in the ranting. I would put my negative feelings down in the one notebook and be done with it. I am happy to say I still have only one ‘rant’ journal and I am on my fifth daily journal.


So, two journals. One written, one typed. Both for a whole year. That feels good. Do you journal? Why? I’d love to hear about yours.




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