Double Digits

Very cold here right now. Not double digits. Well, not for most of the day and night anyway. It should warm up a little this week. I really hope we get snow.

This past week was a blur. A birthday, a birthday party, ski club, my husband went away, two knitting classes, and well, the regular stuff on top of that. I am hopeful and glad for a regular, normal week.

So, yes a birthday. My youngest daughter and child has just turned that corner and is now double digits! 10. Wow!


She is such a happy, serious, smart, determined and lovely person. The youngest of five children she does still seem to be the baby. Not a baby. She is not a baby. She has grown and changed so much in the last year. She really is double digits.

This little one was not so little when born. She was my biggest baby. She actually got stuck when her shoulders tried to get through. It was a little touch and go but they got her out. She was a purple baby and not breathing when she was born. They scooped her up and away from me. I didn’t get a chance to hold her right after she was born but pretty soon after. They worked on her and got her breathing. Whew!

My youngest daughter loves to read, draw, play piano, and dance. She loves stuffed animals and loves her family. She is a very physical kind of girl. She loves, loves, loves to hug and be hugged. Which is fine with me!

We celebrated her birthday on Tuesday and with a little bowling party on Saturday night. Happy Birthday my daughter! I love you.

Hope you all have a great week. Here is my Monday Menu:


Monday:  French Onion Soup with Crusty Bread

Tuesday:  Meatloaf with sweet pots and salad

Wednesday: Tilapia and rice and asparagus

Thursday: Bean and Cheese burritos

Friday:  Spaghetti and sauce

Saturday: Chuck roast, red potatoes and carrots

Sunday: Fried Chicken with brown rice and squash



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