Welcoming in 2017


Good bye to 2016. For our family it was a year of challenges. Nothing life threatening. I like to keep things in perspective. It was challenging though. Most of us were glad to turn the calendar to the next year. We had a lovely time all together over the holidays. We had long talks, laughs, played games, ate great food, had the normal few squabbles, and felt a lot of love from each other. I was a very happy mom. Am a happy mom.

I served a turkey dinner for New Years Day. Mashed potatoes, Delicata squash, and green beans from the garden (frozen of course). I made some stuffing from a box but added my own broth, onions, mushrooms and herbs. I made a pumpkin pie with cranberries on top. It was all so delish!




This year I didn’t get that urge to plan or revamp my schedule the way I usually do. Maybe it was because I already did it back in November. I bought a new notebook and organized the pages and tabs that I wanted. Maybe it is that the schedule we have right now is working. At any rate I am ready for some new goals and to continue with goals that I already have. Most of them center around creating of course!



One of my first finishes this year will be this Tasha Tudor shawl. I am on the last part, the lace around the edges. I love how it looks. I am gaining a lot of confidence now as a knitter. Going on my fourth year of knitting! I can’t believe I never learned before.

I have lots of quilting and sewing projects to finish as well. A few I am not as excited about as I once was. I feel bad if I don’t finish though. I may put some on the back burner so to speak. I have not been in my sewing room since Thanksgiving! Lots to do.


Said ‘see you later’ to these two handsome men. They went back to work and classes on Monday. I will miss them. Already I cannot wait to see them again.

Happy New Year to you all!





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