Winter Solstice

Here in Maine we have had ‘winter’ for a while now. Negative degree days, snow, wind, and some ice. We have had the driveway plowed twice. We are so excited to have snow. Last year we hardly had any and it wasn’t even that cold. It didn’t seem like winter.



Yesterday, for Solstice I wanted to make the day special. In the past we haven’t really celebrated the Solstice. Saw it on the calendar and recognized it but not a proper celebration. This year I tried to make it a special day. We went cross country skiing. Well, the girls did. I snow shoe. This year the girls signed up for a youth ski club and wanted to get out on the snow before the lessons started so they would feel comfortable. They did great. I was very surprised at how well they did.


For this shortest day we had the most incredible blue sky and it was in the 30’s. A beautiful day to be outside.


We made cookies later. Couldn’t finish them but we found out that the cookies we made the day before which were shortbread cookies were a traditional cookie for the Solstice. We thought that was pretty cool.

We made a fire in the wood stove and used an oak log with some greenery. The girls loved to sparks and snaps that makes. We kept the doors open in the wood stove so we could feel like it was an open fire. Lots of smoke got out but it was worth it. It aired out pretty quickly. Only a few days now before Christmas. I expect I will not come back to this blog until after the holidays. I hope you have wonderful days ahead and a Happy 2017!






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