A Pair of Pillows

I planned and finished a pair of pillows in a week! That is quite an accomplishment for me. It was very fun too. I used Crazy Mom Quilts’ pillow tutorial. It was easy to understand. I love those step by step tutorials. Perfect for me.



Just like in her tutorial, Amanda advises to quilt it with a batting behind it. I did and I am very happy with it.


My pictures look better taken outside but the pillows are for inside. They will go in the chairs that are right in front of the wood stove. Even though it is 70 outside right now (in Maine!) and the grass is really green still, it will get cold in a matter of weeks. I am getting ready the only way I know how. Sew!

Happy Sewing!

I am joining Amanda at Crazy Mom Quilts today.




5 thoughts on “A Pair of Pillows

  1. Those pillows are gorgeous! I love everything about them. What a satisfying project to make. Yesterday, in Maryland, it reached the 80s. And you know what I’m making worsted weight socks! They are incredibly soft. I’m knitting these toe-up. I’m on my second pair. These are for my daughter. I didn’t use a pattern and so I made a pair for myself first to work out the kinks.


    1. Hello Opal! Thanks for liking the pillows. I didn’t know you were in Maryland. That isn’t all that far from Maine. I am also making some worsted weight socks! These will be for my daughter. Who are you making yours for? I am using a pattern and they are not toe-up.


      1. It’s another pair for myself. I’m using a new to me technique, German short rows, and so I want to work out the ‘kinks’ before making for others. I did! My next pair, or should I say… pairs? I’m going to ‘attempt’ to knit four at a time. We will be in South Carolina for the Thanksgiving holidays (visiting my mother’s family) and so if I’m still knitting them, they are coming along also. If I’m finished… well it’ll be more socks! I do think I’ll knit my dad some worsted weight socks. He’s extremely ‘knit worthy’ and wears all the items (hats) that I’be knit for him.

        No, it’s not that far. My fascination with Maine has everything to do with Stephen King. He wove Bangor, Maine in quite a few of his stories. I’ve read most of his books. I started reading his books at the age eight. I read, The Shining. My mom had no idea…. That was 38 years ago. ☺️


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