Monday’s Menu


Autumn is here and I love it. Of course you have heard me say that already and probably are sick of hearing it. I am really enjoying it though and trying to savor it. Walking through the woods is so nice with the fresh crisp air. The girls and I went into our own woods recently and of course I didn’t bring my phone or camera so missed the chance to share with you in pictures what we saw. I will try and describe it though. We heard Grackles up in the trees. Many of them. They were jumping/flying from tree to tree. There must have been hundreds of them. They were making so much noise. Honestly, what came to mind was the movie ‘The Birds’.  I wasn’t scared though. It was amazing. By the time we were back to our house they had moved on. So glad to have been in the woods to see them.

Lots of leaves are turning now. I have been in the mood for soup! How about you? Well this week we are having one. I can’t decide which to have though. I have both beets and leeks in the garden to use. I could use a Beef soup bone I have and make a Beef, beet Borscht or I could make a Potato Leek soup that everyone loves. I think I will put them both on the menu and decide when the time comes! Or maybe you could help me decide. What do you think would be good?

Here is our menu for this week.

Monday:  Pizza

Tuesday: Beef, Beet Borscht or Potato Leek soup

Wednesday: Baked Pasta and sauce

Thursday: Broiled boneless Chicken with rice and veggie

Friday:  Beef Roast

Saturday: Chili and bread

Sunday: Chicken ala King Home made

Have a great week!


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