A Hat for Me

I made a hat for myself. I don’t usually wear hats. My hair type is not really good for hats. I found a pattern specifically for curly, unruly hair. It is called ‘Bad Hair Day’ and I found it on Ravelry. I love how it came out. I cannot guarantee my hair will still look good after wearing it but I do like it and will probably wear it when I really need a hat.


I used some yarn from Yarnia website. I was able to choose the colors and types of yarn. I love the colors.


I am not very good at taking selfie’s. No, not good at all. I should have asked someone else to take the picture.  In this picture I have my hair down.


And this one I stuffed my hair up inside the hat. I like both looks. I have quite a lot of yarn left over so I am thinking about making some fingerless gloves. Then I would match!

Happy Knitting



2 thoughts on “A Hat for Me

  1. I really like your hat and you take a great selfie. I dislike taking them too. I wear my hair in dreadlocks, they’re almost waist length now. I find that I have to make my hats extra big. The past several months, I’ve been mainly wearing my hair… up. Knitting pretty hats, and recently sewing them, has made that process… easy. Before wearing my hair in dreads, I wasn’t really a hat person. Although I did wear headwraps (like gele’s) now and again.


    1. Wow, you are lucky to have long hair. I often wonder if my hair would grow then my curls might be weighted down a bit. For some reason it seems my hair doesn’t grow. Doesn’t stop the gray hair from popping up though!


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