I am a Virgo. Born in September I come by my obsessive organizing traits honestly I guess. In September I always get this urge to organize and plan. It probably goes back to the days of going back to school. Wanting a fresh start. I don’t feel this way in January like a lot of people. I feel it now, in September. So what is a girl supposed to do when she feels the urge? Go for it!

So I have been cleaning out, throwing out, and organizing. Not from top to bottom like I have been know to do. Just a cupboard here, a book shelf here, a sewing room here.


I recently moved all my sewing things into a bigger room. I love my big table to cut, iron, and sew on.


Neat as a pin! Pun intended.


Thinned out books, and neatened up the shelves.



Organized the craft/school cupboard. I do this once a year usually in September. It feels so good to get all this stuff in order. Weed out, store the special stuff, label the drawers and boxes and breath deeply.

A place for everything and everything in its place.



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