Our Garden – Part 2 – Fall Garden

It is September second and fall is right around the corner. Just three short weeks away. The vegetable garden is still in full swing. It hasn’t caught wind of the impending season change. I don’t know why it hasn’t since the daylight has sure decreased.


We have been canning and freezing like crazy. The tomatoes and zucchini and squash are doing very well. My second crop of beans is coming right along and I just know next week is sure to be a time of heavy picking.



My husband made salsa recently. His famous award winning one. We didn’t make as much, since only four of us live here right now. I will be freezing tomato sauce very soon.


There is still quite a bit more to do as far as canning goes. I hate to think about it, but I still have to do more dilly beans and pickled beets!

And speaking of beets, I planted my ‘fall’ garden a few weeks ago and things are up and thriving. Even in these dry times we are having. I hate calling it a drought because it doesn’t even come close to comparing with California or other states (or countries) that are having severe droughts.


This is my third planting of beets. I planted them in a raised bed that is equipped for a hoop house to go over it when the freezing temps start. Hopefully by late November I will have fresh beets. I am hoping the second crop of beets that I planted will be harvested soon. The beets are not very big, because of the lack of water, but they are alive and still growing.




Greens, Greens, Greens. That is what is in a fall garden. They are growing. Slowly. Look at that dry soil! I even water occasionally. I am mindful of my well though, so not as much as the garden really needs.


The broccoli! I think, hope, and pray that I finally got the broccoli in on time. It is in another bed equipped for the hoops in case it gets cold before the heads mature. I have been picking off green worms lately. Sneaky little things.


On the left are the first crop of beans and on the right, the second crop. I am still getting a few stragglers from the first planting and the new ones have beans about two inches long. So, like I said, next week we pick! Yes that is a chicken behind the fence. We haven’t got the call yet for the chicken pick up. So we still have the girls for now!

So our garden is still keeping us very busy. How is yours doing?




2 thoughts on “Our Garden – Part 2 – Fall Garden

  1. Your fresh veggie look so yummy. We sold our house recently where I had a garden and living in a small apt. but by spring will be in a house with a small courtyard. Hoping to grow more veggies then! Nancy


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