Not Back to School

You may have heard here that my children do not attend school. At least not all day, every day. One of my daughters plays violin in a strings class during the week at the public school. Public school starts tomorrow. So strings class starts tomorrow. For us, for now, that will be it. It is still summer here. Some of the best weather days are in September. Low humidity, and sunny days are perfect for camping, bike riding and hiking. Maybe we will even get another camping trip or two in.

My girls are always learning. We don’t have to sit at the dining room table and open books and have a lesson for them to learn. In all this great weather before winter settles in we have so many opportunities to learn biology, zoology, botany, and meteorology just to name a few.


Imaginations will still be allowed to run. Houses and forts will be rebuilt and managed. ‘Businesses’ will be ventured. The cold and snowy weather of winter will be the time to come in to read, do projects together and settle into a routine of sorts.



So the feet will stay bare (and dirty), the beach-combing will continue. As always the learning, investigating, illumination, and ‘education’ will continue as well.




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