Monday’s Menu

Whew! what a weekend. One son came on Thursday night and stayed until Sunday night. The other two sons arrived Sunday morning and stayed all day. We had a really nice time together. There was a little work on the wood, we got it all split. We sat around talking a lot. Laughed a lot. We had a tasty lobster and steamers meal together.


A giant truckload of tree length logs got turned into cut up logs.


With the help of a gas powered splitter and two strong people the logs turn into a pile of split wood.


Which then gets stacked.


What a stack! You can’t tell by the photo but there is still a lot more to stack. It will get done. Before winter.

By night fall we were all tired. I served pie and vanilla ice cream. I made a four berry pie (strawberry, blueberry, raspberries, and blackberries) with a lattice top crust. It was so good. All but one piece got eaten up.


Here is this week’s menu!

Monday: Chef’s salad

Tuesday: Pork chops, summer squash & zucchini sauted

Wednesday: Angel hair pasta with tomato sauce

Thursday: Teriyaki Chicken on grill, brown rice and broccoli

Friday: Steak on grill, sweet potatoes, salad

Saturday: Bean, rice, tomato quesadillas

Sunday: Camping





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