Saying Goodbye to the Girls

For almost twenty years I have raised chickens. Mostly for eggs but also for meat. The sixteen chickens I have now are getting old. The youngest are two years old and the oldest are around five. They are not laying that well. I get on average about five eggs a day. That is terrible for having sixteen chickens. Rather than feed them through the winter I am going to donate them to a farm that will process them for food.


This is Princess. One of the oldest. Yes we named them. Well, my daughters named them. Princess has been a good chicken. She is showing her age. Not laying at all now. This year she went broody and we waited, and waited, and waited for the 21 days to come, and she ate her eggs. It was sad. I would have loved to see little chicks.


Princess again.

We introduced two roosters this year. We have had other roosters in the past as well, but we have had plenty of years where there are no roosters. As you know, chickens will lay eggs without a male.


This is Prince. He is the more dominant one. He does a very good job keeping the girls happy and safe.


This is Greg. I like him better. Much quieter. Much more docile.


This is Emy. Probably the most favored. She is very tame. She will come to the girls. Loves to be picked up and can be hand fed. She will be missed.


This is Granny. She is slow, old, and doesn’t lay anymore. She has actually never really been active. She sits a lot of the time. Doesn’t really range around or find food. I am actually surprised she is still alive.


It is fun to raise chickens. I will probably do it again. I just think we need to start over with a new flock. Maybe take a break through the winter, or longer.


I actually have to have chickens again. My husband made this super duper chicken run five years ago. It has worked beautifully to keep out the critters.


Maybe while I have no chickens to take care of I will get around to quilting this little wall hanging. I have 22 chicken collectibles in my kitchen. I call it my chicken kitchen. Say that ten times!

We will miss our little ladies, and their eggs but sadly it is time to say goodbye.









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