Monday’s Menu – Dilly Beans!



Good Monday Morning! I can’t tell where you may be reading this from but from where I sit it is sticky, hot, and what I call ugly weather. I am trying to be patient while waiting for the cool, crisp, beautiful days of fall. I am not a person that loves summer. I don’t feel as though I can do anything when it is so hot and humid.

My meals this past week were simple and easy for the kind of weather we are having. The weather man said last Wednesday would be cool, but it was not. The humidity came in sooner than they expected so we did not have chicken enchiladas. We had BLT’s with lettuce and tomato from the garden. And home made bread that I was able to make on Monday when it was cooler.


Monday my daughters and I baked and canned. It was a lovely fresh, breezy, summer day. We made muffins, bread, cookies and we canned dilly beans. Very accomplished. Later in the week I did nothing but sit in front of water trying to stay cool.

Dilly beans are one of the easiest things to process. I use the recipe out of the Ball canning book. I also use my go to site for canning. I have been visiting this site for years. It is the Pick Your Own  site.

First I pick the beans. I use yellow and green. Then I cut the tips off. With hot jars, I place a garlic clove, a dill flower, and a bit of cayenne powder in each jar.


Place the beans inside the jars. I stack them in like my friend taught me but I think you can put them in any way you want so far as they are packed in. Then carefully pour the vinegar salt mixture into the jars, place the caps and can for 20 minutes. This is a simple version. You should read the recipe in the Ball book. If you have never canned before you will need to know about sterilizing and safe canning tips.



We took a jar to the lake last week and ate it up in less than 10 minutes! We just couldn’t stop!

This week there are just three of us eating. My oldest daughter is at camp for the whole week. I asked the younger one for meal ideas and she gave quite a few. This explains the pasta, and dough theme. Her favorites. Mine too.

So here is this week’s menu.

Monday: Pizza on the grill 

Tuesday: Chicken Enchiladas

Wednesday: Baked Ziti (leftover in the freezer, just enough for three!)

Thursday: Chicken on the grill with rice and beets

Friday: Pancakes with berries

Saturday: Porkchops with garden orzo

Sunday: Shrimp and rice with tomatoes and cucumbers








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