Our Garden – Part One

It has been too long since I wrote about my garden. Things are really happening out there now! I have begun to process the overflow of veggies now. I don’t think this is my best garden ever but it is producing and thriving. It has been so so dry here this year. Even with watering it just isn’t enough and doesn’t compare to a good soaking rain.


We harvested all the garlic, and put it in the woodshed on a screen to dry out. This year the bulbs were very large. I am quite happy with the garlic this year. Maybe they like it dry!




The tomatoes are doing well. They could be a little more prolific, but I really shouldn’t complain because so far (crossed fingers and say a little prayer) there is no sign of blight and no horn worms. I am not sure there will be much in the way of canning salsa or sauce though, but we will see. There is still quite a bit of warm weather left in the season.



The peppers are a huge disappointment. The plants are small, and have at the most one pepper on them. I am not sure what the problem is or was but I don’t expect they will do any better. I have tried picking the small ones off so that more will grow. Some of the plants do have more flowers on them but really the plants themselves are so small I don’t know how they will hold the fruit. I may end up buying peppers from the farmers market this year if the tomatoes do come through, so we can have our salsa and sauce.




String beans are doing pretty well. We have eaten quite a few, and I froze a few batches as well. Last week I even made dilly beans. So yummy! I have another 6 rows of beans that are not producing yet because I planted them in July, but I am hoping for another batch so I can make more dilly beans and freeze a bit more. I thought I was getting too many beans but suddenly it seems my plants have stopped putting out more flowers. Good thing I planted more!





All things watery, the summer squash, cukes, and watermelon are trying so hard to survive. They are growing and I have harvested some but it is slow going. I have had better years for these plants for sure. Again, the season still has some time so I am hoping we get a little more. I hope the watermelon keep growing and sweetening up. I have really tried watering these plants more than the others.





We still have peas coming. They are small but the girls still love to go out and snack on them. I planted too many and wish I would have used a couple of the fences for more cucumbers. The kale, dill, basil, and asparagus are all doing well too. Stay tuned for part two of the garden when I talk about my successive plantings and my fall crops.

Happy gardening!






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