Two at a Time

It has been a while since I wrote anything about quilting or sewing. It has been pretty difficult finding time to do any quilting lately. Since summer really started we have been taking little mini trips. While I love spending the day next to the water or on a bike it is pretty hard to bring my sewing machine with me. I have been getting a few moments here and there to work on two quilts. Yes, the same ones I was working on the last time I talked about quilting. Oh well, slow and steady, right?

I decided to do my little photo shoot outside. The lighting is better and I am really not a very good photographer. These blocks are from the Farmer’s Wife 1930’s book. I am making a little quilt to go on the couch in my living room. Something pretty that we can curl up with near the fire when it is cold. I love the reproduction fabrics.


Here are the blocks again flat. I am really enjoying these small blocks. They are only 6 inches. I love the challenge of making all the points line up right.



My friendship block quilt is coming along too. I just finished one last night and started another. They are very easy. I am using some Liberty fabric that I have been receiving as part of a club. I love getting a different batch every month. Such a simpleton I am that I get so excited over a pack of fabric! I am trying to decide if I should sew all the friendship blocks together as they are or put some sashing in between. Or maybe a solid block in between the patterned ones, or ….. Do you have any suggestions?

I am already eyeing my next project. I have never bought a quilt pattern but am thinking I will. I saw something yummy online. It is the Persimmon quilt at Corianderquilts. I have done a wall hanging from Cory Yoder’s blog and love it. She is always great about responding to my many questions.

Joining up with Amanda at her blog  crazymomquilts. As always, Happy Quilting!



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