It’s Good For the Skin

We are quite fortunate to be living in a state that has so much beauty. I am sure other states have such nice places to see and visit but I don’t live there and very rarely travel out of state. With our regular scheduled classes and lessons on hold for the summer we have been hitting the road here in Maine.


A couple of weeks ago we went to visit my son in Boothbay Harbor. He is working there for the summer. Great job, free housing, and right on the shore! Can’t beat that. The girls were so happy to see their brother. We miss him.


My son took us on a little path that only the locals know about. The girls loved being sprayed by all that salt water. I loved watching them and listening to their squeaks and happy screams. The water was so blue and the sky so clear. What a day!


The coast has giant rocks all along it. Quite a nice work out to jump and climb around on them.


I loved this rock. Call me weird but I thought it looked like a giant clove of garlic. I love garlic! I don’t know about other coasts along the ocean but in Maine the rocks are so many different colors and textures.


Later on in that week we went north to Peaks Kenney State Park. Mountains and lakes region.  We spent the day by the water (again). We had been camping there when the girls were younger and I showed them our old campsite. The didn’t remember much but wanted to come back to camp again soon. We even scoped out a really nice campsite. One that is tucked in the woods and surrounded by big flat rocks. Perfect for fort building.


This girl is such a fish. She only comes out of the water for food. At this time of year the water is just too cold for me. I am such a wimp. It has to be really hot outside for me to get in or the water has to be quite a bit warmer. I do enjoy watching her though.


Atop the famous rock. When we were here years ago the kids jumped into the water from this rock. It isn’t all that big but in her memory it was. She still enjoyed jumping off of it on this visit. Even though she is quite a bit bigger this time around.


They both had a skin treatment later. There was lots of clay at the bottom of the lake. Good for the skin!

I hope you are enjoying your day wherever you happen to be!


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