Some of My Favorite Books

A lot of the books I have really enjoyed have similar themes. Homesteading, hard work, faith, love (of course love), birthing babies, and raising families. They are usually in the ‘olden times’. Almost always, there is a (head) strong female for the main character.

A classic, and one of my most memorable reads is….

I remember reading it when I was pregnant with my first daughter, thirteen years ago! Yikes! I loved the book and even read the sequel. Didn’t love the sequel. I loved Scarlet’s quote, ‘I’ll think about that tomorrow!’

I was a librarian, actually a library director, (there is a difference), for about 5 years. My mentor, the retired librarian suggested I read ‘Come Spring’ by Ben Ames Williams. I didn’t read it right away, but when I finally did I was not disappointed. I absolutely loved this book. It has all the characteristics of what I like in a book. It is a very thick book but it goes fast. Too fast. I live in Maine, not too far from Union, the town in the story. How cool is that!

Sometimes a book is so good you want to re-read it many times. I have read the series ‘The Awakening Land’ twice. I wouldn’t mind reading it again. It is that good. I didn’t read it in the big book I have pictured here, but kind of stumbled upon it while perusing the shelves. First I read Trees, then Fields and finally Town. Again, hard work, homesteading, faith, and a strong female character. One of my favorites!

Recently I started reading the pair of books about Sarah Agnes Prine by Nancy Turner. I love them. I’m so excited to find out there are more books by this author and plan to read them as well. Don’t you love when you find a great author and she/he has written lots of books? I enjoyed the diary format in ‘These is My Words’. Being quite outspoken myself I can relate to some of what she talks about. Now I just need to buy myself a gun! (No, I won’t.)

I don’t always read about characters from days long ago. One of my favorite authors writes from a modern point of view and I love her books. Ever heard of Debbie Macomber? I have read all of the ‘Blossom Street’ novels. I only wish she would write them more often, but maybe they wouldn’t be so good if she did that. Do try and read them in order starting with ‘A Shop on Blossom Street’

I read a lot and I read different styles. I love biographies. Lately I have been reading a lot of books about Julia Child. Another favorite biography I read was about Eleanor Roosevelt. I have read almost all the Catherine Cookson novels. I love reading Bill Bryson’s books. Just heard he has a new one out called ‘The Road to Little Dribbling: Adventures of an American in Britain’. My favorites by him was ‘In A Sunburned Country’ and ‘At Home’. I learn so much when I read his books.

I have always and still do read a lot to my children. Some of my favorites, and theirs too, are ‘The Little House on the Prairie’ series and ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ series. I have read them so many times I have lost count. There seems to be a lesson every time I read them.

I would love to hear what your favorites are.

Happy Reading!



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