My Gardens

Hello Tuesday! It has been over a month since I did a post on my gardens. It is high time. You can compare if you like by going to Announcing a Garden Party or to Pushing Up. I am amazed at the difference myself. It is helpful to look at the progress in pictures especially when you are starting to think things are growing slowly.



There are bare boxes as you can see. One reason is that I do succession planting. I love to have a continuous supply of greens. I also like to plant another round of beets and broccoli. I just ordered more seeds yesterday for some Hakurei turnips, broccoli, a lettuce mix and Arugula.


Another reason for the bare spots is I had a garden fail. Seems like every year it is something. I hope this will be it. I always fear my squash and tomatoes will fail. I planted a whole box of beets and they came up sporadically. I have since replanted in the empty spaces.





As you can see there are plenty of successes. So far. Always on guard here in the garden. You never know what is around the corner.




The flower garden is really blooming now too.




One day we drove by an antique store and I found this cute little bird bath. It was only $24.00. I had been wanting a nice bird bath and was glad to find it. It isn’t really an antique but I love it.


How is your garden growing? I would love to know.




2 thoughts on “My Gardens

  1. Everything looks lovely, green and flourishing. You pictures made my smile a bit brighter. I’ll have to take pictures of our garden and share. It’s amazing what a month can make, right?

    Our garden is doing well. Yesterday, I picked zucchini and yellow squash and about a 5 gallon bucket of string beans from the garden. The beans ends were snapped and spines removed… if needed, the beans were washed and most were placed into gallon storage bags and finally placed into the deep freezer.

    I had plans of working in the garden today, but it’s raining hard. So… another day. I do think I’ll sew. I’ve completed my work assignments and do have some down time and so my daughter and I are hanging out.nit’s a favorite activity. We love each other’s company. ☺️


    1. Thank you. Your garden is way ahead of mine. I have flowers on my beans and little tiny squash but the only harvests here are scapes, onions, and greens. Soon though, I hope.


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