Acadia National Park

For three years in a row we have gone biking in Acadia National Park. Where else can you get the ocean, woods, mountains, bogs, ponds, waterfalls, wildflowers, wildlife, and peace in one place? Well, there are probably plenty, especially here in Maine, but it was nice that it was not a super long drive for us.






This year (and our first year) we rode along the carriage roads. The first day we rode along Witch Hole.  It is claimed to be the easiest ride in the park. It is great for children or people that are not up for a strenuous ride. I did think it was easy, but be warned, there were some long gradual hills that were a little difficult. On our second day this year we rode to the Ampitheater Bridge along the Mountain carriage road trail. There were some pretty hefty hills to get up but certainly worth them when you get to coast down. There were plenty of nice flat and level roads to ride along. Last year we rode along Schoodic Point. The ride is mostly all along the ocean. While this trail is a longer and a bit more difficult my girls did great. Personally, this trail is my favorite in Acadia. I just love the ocean!




There are so many spots along the trails to just sit and soak in the sights and sounds. We had a picnic along a bay and stopped for apple and water breaks along the many carriage road bridges. The waterfalls were so beautiful. Sometimes we just stopped to stare at the beauty of it all.





Oh Acadia, I love you!


4 thoughts on “Acadia National Park

  1. We enjoy the outdoors also.

    Last week, my nephew was visiting. We included him on our outdoor activities. He mainly stays inside playing video games. Sighs… he loved being outdoors. He was up early. He would come down to greet me around 7:00, and I set my daughter and his bedtime for 11:00 each day.


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