A Birth Story in Pictures

One day about a month ago my daughter and I set out for one of our daily walks and stumbled upon a nest with a bird in it on the ground. We later found out it was a Kildeer momma bird and the dad was also nearby. They both did a broken wing dance as we approached and we were able to see that there were eggs in the nest. So exciting!


First there were two eggs.


The next day there were four! We continued to come back and check on the nest. We knew that at any time we could find that the nest had been destroyed or eggs eaten as it was on the ground. We were pleasantly surprised each and every time we took our walk.


Here is the mama bird on her nest. She flared her tail feather’s every time we got close. Over the next month (it takes about 24 days for a kildeer egg to hatch) the birds got used to us and didn’t get as mad when we approached.




Here the male is protecting the female. We think. We actually never were able to distinguish between the two which one was female and which was male.


One of the birds would always be on the nest while the other would be walking around, crying out, and doing the broken wing dance nearby.

Then one day we walked up and miraculously two of the eggs had hatched! It was so very exciting.



The female was such a good mama! She trusted us enough to let us get a few pictures of the bundles of joy. She soon joined the nest though, letting us know that that was enough!


I hope you have had a chance to see some baby birds this Spring!





2 thoughts on “A Birth Story in Pictures

  1. That’s so cool! Very lucky that you got to see that. Our neighbors have a nest in their bush and we frequently stop to see the babies. I will have to post pictures on my blog.


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