Starting a Shawl

I have started a new project! An interesting one after all those socks! I enjoy sock knitting but love to have something that is a bit of a challenge that keeps me on my toes. I found a pattern on Ravelry called Curlew Shawl by Verily Knits. I love how it is coming along. I talked about the yarn here.


I am reading ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ right now by Elizabeth Gilbert. I like it. I read some of the reviews and most were not great but so far I am enjoying her adventures. Yes she is a bit self absorbed and has an air of entitlement but sometimes I think we need to be that way when we are struggling through something. No, in the big scheme of things her struggles are not earth shattering, but for her, when she wrote them they were. It is sometimes difficult to understand how someone that seems like they have everything going for them or that they don’t have any ‘real’ problems could be depressed or lonely but it happens. My sister battles severe depression on and off and it really is disabling for her. When you hear about some of the horrible things that are going on in the world it is hard to believe that people who are safe, have their basic needs taken care and have loved ones who care could possibly be down in the dumps but it happens.  Intellectually they know that there are people out there that are having a much worse time of it, but it doesn’t change the way they are feeling.

I am joining Ginny today for the Yarn-along. I can’t wait to see what everyone is reading and knitting!



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