2 + 1 = 1 1/2

When it comes to socks my math is correct. Two socks, plus one sock equals one and a half (pairs of) socks! I cannot believe it but I have not knit or sewn much for the last month until just recently. The vegetable garden is in, the flower garden weeded, thinned and mulched and I have been spending my evenings at softball games. You would think that softball games would be good for knitting. I did knit some, but really my girls want to know I am paying attention to the game so I didn’t get much done.

Recently I did finish a pair of blue and white striped socks for my daughter. She loves them. They are short and perfect for wearing with sneakers. They are light and cool for the summer.


I tried really hard to get the striping exact but alas I was a bit off. They still look like a matched set though.


Not sure if you remember me writing about how I wanted to try out the 9″ circular #2’s in Something New for Socks . I did knit up a whole sock with them. I will knit the other one on the small circular but probably will not ever use it for socks again. My hand didn’t cramp up and it wasn’t exactly awkward but it was incredibly boring. I think that using the four needles and continually finishing one and starting on another in the round keeps my interest more. Maybe the Magic Loop would keep my attention on circulars. For now though I will stick to my sticks!  😉


I need some suggestions for a couple of new projects. Maybe you could help me.


I went to a fiber festival this past weekend and I bought two skeins of this beautiful Angora yarn. I would love to make a hat for myself. I never wear hats though because of my wild curly hair. I do want to wear a hat though. Do you know of a hat pattern that would be good for curly hair? The yarn is a 70% angora and 30% merino.

Then I went online and bought a cone of this pretty pink and white yarn at a shop called Yarnia. I created it myself requesting the four different fibers. I picked Pink Alpaca, Pink Wool, White Cashmere, and White Silk. I want to make a nice shawl for myself with it. Again, do you have any pattern suggestions for 300 yards of yarn?


Hope everyone is having a wonderful Spring. Happy knitting!


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