Those Unplanned Moments

What I love most about being home with my kids is that sometimes things happen that just were not in the plans. Of course sometimes those things are not great things and can throw a monkey wrench into our day or even our week. Thankfully many more times are just wonderful.

We found an oval shaped cocoon out in the yard and put it in a jar. It just sat there for about a month, sometimes making little shaking movements or scratching sounds. We put it on a shelf and checked it occasionally. It stopped making noise eventually and we were thinking it had died inside the cocoon. We sort of forgot about it. Once in a while we would look up and see it in the jar and would feel a little sad that it never did open up.

Well, one afternoon after being out all day, one of my daughters screamed that it was out!!! And really only pictures can describe what we saw. Truly amazing and I am so happy I was there to experience it with them.


Here the moth (a Polyphemus Silkworm) is hanging from the cheesecloth at the top of the jar.


This moth is really large. About the size of my hand. Not your ordinary little moth that flies into the light or onto the computer screen.


Close up of the antennae.


Eye spot.


Pink stripe on wing.


Pink, black and white spots on the wing tips.


This white spot is actually like a window. It is clear. If you put your finger behind it you can see your finger.


This is the hole this girl came out of. We know it is a female because the antenna on males is much longer and fuller.


Of course my girls wanted to open up the cocoon to see what it looked like. So here you have it.


Simply amazing!


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