What’s for Supper




I could have titled this post ‘Busy, Busy’! I am always blown away at how busy Spring is. Always anxious for it to come and so glad when it does but oh boy oh boy I always forget about the busyness. I actually thought this year would be manageable because both girls are on the same softball team. I am not sure that has ever happened in the history of all things sports in this family. Five kids and always separate teams! Things would have been easier had I left it like that. Just softball. But what happened is I agreed to help a client who just got discharged from a nursing home. I am busy just about every night of the week. It is really cutting into my knitting and sewing time! I am thinking it is temporary. At least I hope so. My days have been filled with gardening. My flower garden needed weeding and mulching. The vegetable garden needed planting. I am pretty much done with all of the gardens for now. There will be some additions and some weeding and some successive plantings but for now I can take a breather.

The top picture is the chef’s salad I made a week or so ago. Really anything goes when you make a chef salad. I like mostly veggies and cheese but my family loves to throw meat in. Do what you want. The second picture is the asparagus and cherry tomatoes cooking up before I throw the shrimp in. I love seafood. Shrimp is one of my favorites and it is so versatile. I love pasta too. I probably could eat it every day of the week but that wouldn’t be very healthy, would it? Or maybe …. no, it wouldn’t. The third picture is the softball uniforms drying in the sunshine. Another reminder that they are on the same team. So nice!

So now for the weekly menu:

Monday: Spaghetti and clam sauce with a salad

Tuesday: Whole chicken with potatoes and carrots

Wednesday: Open faced chicken sandwiches with a side veggie

Thursday: Foccaccia bread and salad

Friday: Shish kabobs on grill

Saturday: Pizza!

Sunday: Trout on the grill

Enjoy your week! Happy cooking.



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