Pushing Up


It is so green outside! In just a week or two the leaves on the trees have just exploded. I love it. We live off the road quite a bit, and there are lots of trees in between the house and the road. In the winter we can see every car that goes by and they can probably see us but in the summer and fall the leaves are a lovely green curtain that tucks us in tight in our own little cocoon. I swear it even blocks noise but I could be imagining it. I can now say it is hard to see the road again and I am very happy about that.

I have  so many things out in the garden that have pushed up through the earth in the last few days. It is so exciting.



The raspberries and blueberries are on their way. I have already harvested lettuce. I even got a few little tiny broccoli heads from the fall planting. If I plant them just a bit earlier this summer maybe I will get a fall crop. (They overwintered in hoop houses that we have.)


For the first time ever I planted an asparagus bed. I planted 25 of these ugly roots and in just nine days…..


this beautiful stalk came pushing up out of the ground. It is so pretty. Excuse the blurry picture. It was very sunny and windy outside. Hard to take a picture.


About two weeks ago I planted some peas, radishes and rainbow chard. Now they are up!




It is so exciting. Every time I go check eggs I stop in to look at the garden. I can’t help it.

I also planted some broccoli seedlings that I picked up at our local farmers market. They are doing fine.


How are things going in your garden? Isn’t this just a wonderful time of year?

Happy gardening!




2 thoughts on “Pushing Up

  1. It’s green here also. I took photos this morning and noticed how much I’m enjoying seeing that color. Also the sun is out today… hooray! We’ve received a lot of rain the past few weeks.

    Oh you have asparagus too! Ours are doing well and are about a foot now. We started harvesting them last week. I enjoy eating them raw. I did take pictures of our garden today, but forgot to take pictures of the ever growing fennel, collards and kale. Sighs… another day I guess. 🙂


    1. I just planted the asparagus this year. I figured I eat enough of it I better grow some. No rain here really and we need it badly. Soon I hope. Enjoy the sun!


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