This is for Me


I am back here after a week long break. One that I needed. In fact I took a break from the computer over all. There were a variety of reasons. A few reasons are that our schedule  changed a little because of softball, end of year concerts, spring gardening chores and a client of mine that needs a little more care. I work in private elder care.  I love the work. Very challenging but very rewarding. I have learned so much from all of my clients over the years. Another reason I took a break is that honestly I was getting a little discouraged with my blog. I have taken some time to think about my feelings and my expectations and goals. I was being a little unrealistic. As a novice at writing and blogging I was starting to get a little ahead of myself.

I am happy with my blog. I love the way it looks and I love coming to it to write and place pictures. My daughters have started their own blogs as well and I love that they are excited about it. It feels like we are doing it together, even though it wasn’t a plan. I started to get discouraged with my blog when I thought I should have more followers. I was in a hurry. I was pandering to other people’s blogs. Joining other link ups and ‘blog alongs’ just to get people to look at my blog. That is exactly what happened and it was really cool, but it didn’t feel real to me.  I like all the linky parties and the blog hops and I will probably join in again occasionally. I love looking at what everyone is doing and discovering new blogs, but I found myself creating my daily posts around their blogs. I don’t want to do that. It was kind of stressful. I want to post when I want, and write about what inspires me and what I have been up to.


I am not a quitter. In fact I am quite stubborn when I want something to work or when I want to accomplish something. It took three tries of knitting a whole sweater before I finally got it right. Every year I plant broccoli in the late summer, hoping for a fall crop and have failed so many times, yet I keep trying. One of these years I will get it right. Not being a quitter is not the same as never knowing when to stop doing something.  I am not stubborn to the point of ridiculousness. I have ended friendships. I have given up on sewing projects. I have pulled up plants that are never going to make it. I listen to myself and decide from there. I don’t want to give up this blog adventure. I am going to keep it because it is fun and I think it will be nice to look back on it in months or years to come. Like a diary.

The blogs I really enjoy are the ones that are honest, beautiful, and seem to be written from the heart. I do not enjoy blogs that are advertisement boards or that make me feel like I should be living their life. It may not be their intention but I still don’t go back. When I go to a blog I like to feel, laugh, cry, or be in awe of something that they did or saw. Like two friends sharing something.  I like blogs that are helpful, inspiring and at times teach me something. So I am going to try again.  This time for me.


And, since it is Monday, I have this weeks menu. I hope it gives you some ideas for meals. I always need more ideas so if you have one for me let me know!

Monday: Chef salad

Tuesday: Fish tacos

Wednesday: out (music concert and softball)

Thursday: Shrimp, tomatoes and asparagus over angel hair

Friday: Sausage and rice casserole

Saturday: Steak and potatoes on grill with broccoli and cauliflower 

Sunday: Teriyaki chicken on grill with rice and corn



2 thoughts on “This is for Me

  1. Your blog is lovely, Vickie. And I think you should continue writing what you want, when you want. I love your little jug of blossoms and I’m amazed at how similar your menu is to my own, though I’ll admit to not being in cooking mode the last couple of weeks.
    Wishing you a beautiful week!


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