Garden Party Link Up

Welcome to my Garden Party! Gardening season is upon us. I am going to post my garden updates here on Tuesday’s. I would love for you to join me and link up and share your gardening joys, challenges, and other progress through the season.

Yesterday brought some much needed rain to us. I know in a few days time the rain will have done it’s duty and lots of green will be pushing up and out. My flower garden is pretty green right now. Not many flowers but lots of little shoots popping up.

Last week I bought a 6 pack of cherry tomatoes. It is way too early to plant tomatoes here in Maine. I really probably shouldn’t have bought them but I figured I could put them under cover in one of the hoops. So Sunday afternoon I did just that. I tucked them in deep in the soil and watered them and then covered them with plastic. I talked to them and wished them the best. I think they will be alright.


They look a little pitiful in there right now but I am sure they will perk up once the sun comes out and heats things up under there. I just love cherry tomatoes. They are one of the first tomatoes to ripen in my garden. I snack on them when I go out to the garden. I can just taste them right now. Crisp, warm, and juicy. Have you ever plucked a cherry tomato on a hot summer day and popped it in your mouth? Nothing like it. I can’t wait!

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2 thoughts on “Garden Party Link Up

  1. Yes, I have. I love eating cherry tomatoes fresh of the vine! You know what else I like to eat off the vine? Habanero peppers.

    We have received a lot of rain also. I’ve been fairly quiet on the blogging front with yardwork. Funny… I have not had a chance to post anything nor have I taken pictures, although I do hope to do so some time this weekend. This week, we have received a lot of rain and so I’m happy that we got some of the gardening in early. There’s still a lot more to do though.


    1. Peppers! are they hot? Not sure I am brave enough to do that. I always tell myself to bring the camera outside with me but then I forget and don’t want to walk back to get it. I must try to this week though, things are really coming along.


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