What’s for Supper

A new week is here. I got a bit more organized this weekend. Doesn’t that feel good when you have a free couple of hours and you can sit and really think? That is just what I did on Saturday morning. Felt great to look at my goals again, look at the next month or two on the calendar, and start to think about the summer ahead.

There were two meals that were favored above the rest this week. Pizza, of course, and stir fry with Thai noodles. Neither that need a recipe. Just sort of throw it all together. Funny how the simplest of meals end up being the favorites.

For Stir fry the only thing you need to really be mindful of is putting foods that take the longest to cook in first. Like carrots and cabbage.


There is garlic in there too.

Then I add the ‘soft’ foods. Like broccoli and mushrooms. Sometimes I add bean sprouts but didn’t this time. Really anything that you like will work. Add in a simple soy sauce and stir! My sauce is just a mixture of tamari sauce, oil, honey, and corn starch.


Doesn’t that look good? We serve stir fry with pasta, rice or rice noodles. Last week it was rice noodles.


Rice noodles are easy because you just soak them in hot water and when they are soft you quickly stir fry them and serve.


We cooked pizza on the grill using the pizza stone, thanks to http://threadlover.com/.

Now, for this week’s menu:

Monday: Confetti Speghetti

Tuesday: Whole chicken, red potatoes, and asparagus

Wednesday: Bean and Rice burritos or something frozen (My husband and I are going out)

Thursday: Chicken Soup

Friday: Stew beef Shepards pie

Saturday: Speghetti and clam sauce. My son’s 21st birthday. He requested the meal.

Sunday: Salmon packets on the grill with rice and squash

Have a great week!





2 thoughts on “What’s for Supper

  1. Oh my goodness, this all looks good. I’m very fond of broccoli and so is my daughter and BF. When I see him, I always make some type of veggie and broccoli is one of his favorites,

    That pizza looks delicious. Thanks for the mention. When I view your food posts, I think of Stina! Thanks again for mentioning that hook on your site and my apologies for the delayed response. I’ve been away (from personal blogging) for a few weeks. I did make a brief post last Sunday and then I was away from posting again.


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