Something New for Socks

The other day I went to AC Moore looking for mechanical pencils. While I was there I just so happen to find the knitting section. I spied some very small 9 inch number 2 circular needles. I had always wondered if it would be possible to knit socks on a circular needle but not use the magic loop method. Just one sock on a small circular needle. So, I bought the needles and that night I cast on.


They work! Can’t tell you how I will do the heel yet, but I will attempt that tonight. Pretty sure there must be a way to do it.


Right now my only projects are socks. I haven’t thought of any other knitting project to do since I finished my sweater. I do want something more challenging to knit, but I think it will come to me when it is meant to. I am thinking I may try cables.


These blue and white socks are just about finished. My daughter is anxiously waiting for them.

The book ‘Sarah’s Quilt’ is quite good. Just the kind of book I love. A strong female character, lots of hard work, and takes place in the early 1900’s. There are a few things that she says that I could identify with. One in particular is she noticed her adult sons riding up towards the house. They were supposed to be in school. She asked them why they were home, and not in school. They told her it wasn’t for them. They changed their minds. They belonged there, at home. She was not exactly thrilled. I have three adult sons. I love them dearly. I miss them even more. But, (always a but) I cannot say I would be thrilled if all three decided that the big world was not what they expected and had decided to come home. I just don’t think that would work well at all. Now, maybe if there was a cabin out back or if they wanted to live above the garage that may work. Maybe. It would be great to have some extra hands around here.

On Tuesday’s I am hosting a Garden Party. You can click on ‘Garden Party’ tab on my side bar for more information. I hope to see other people’s gardens!

I am linking up with Ginny today. I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s projects and reading choices.



8 thoughts on “Something New for Socks

  1. I have seen those needles before and been curious!! Maybe I shall have to give them a try sometime. In the meantime I like dpns or magic loop. But sock knitting in general is just so lovely, isn’t it!?


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