Soaking it Up




This week has been one of the best weather weeks since Spring started. We have been soaking it up! Taking a break from our normal activities and lessons has been just the thing for us. See all that blue under and around that big tree? Those are called Glory of the Snow flowers. They are one of the earliest blooming flowers in our area. Named appropriately because at times it will bloom even through the snow. They are very pretty flowers too. The girls and I picked bouquets of them.





Crocus’ are blooming in our yard. The Daffodils and Narcissus are almost there. All the garlic is up and I have lettuce growing in the hoops. I also have lots of over wintered leeks! I thought they were walking onions but my son said they are leeks. I am so excited because leeks are one of my favorite vegetables. Now there will be lots of leek potato soup!


I even harvested some spinach! The gardening season has officially begun. Yesterday I planted more spinach and some Bok Choy. I really, really wanted to plant peas but it really too early for that. The seeds would probably rot in the ground at this point.  I am getting new pea fences this year. Can’t wait to use them. The sun is out and the temperatures are rising so the soil is heating up more every day.

Have you started gardening yet?


2 thoughts on “Soaking it Up

  1. Oh your pictures are lovely. Thanks for sharing. My daughter is off tomorrow, for election day, I’ll be sure to post a picture of the woods on our property. We’re planning to take a stroll back there.

    Planting? Why yes I have started, in fact I’ve scheduled a post for later this week (on another personal site) to show what we’ve planted, but I’ll make sure I include pictures on Threadlover also.

    Let’s see, onions were planted a few weeks ago and tomorrow, I’ll put out the potatoes and some herbs. Our collards, kale sage, mint, cilantro always survive throughout the winter. Well, the mint does not, but it always comes back. Tomorrow, I’ll be putting out the tomato plants and a variety of herbs.


    1. I am happy to hear you also garden! Tomorrow I am starting a link up party. Feel free to link your garden post in it. I am new at all this technology so hopefully it works. Nice to hear from you.


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