Empty Needles!


Usually it isn’t a thing we want, empty needles, but these empty needles are such an awesome thing! I am celebrating! I am so excited! I finished my Lady February Sweater!! It has taken me so long. I actually had to start the sweater over two times. It was sad both times and I was beginning to think I would never finish it. Determination took over. The yarn was pricey. The picture on the pattern was beautiful. I loved doing the Gull Lace. So many things kept me going. Encouragement from friends and family tops the list of reasons I kept going. Not one person said anything negative, like ‘maybe you should try something easier’. It wasn’t a hard pattern, but I was more or less a beginner. Really all I had knit before attempting the sweater was a scarf, dish towels and hats. I have an amazingly patient knitting teacher that helped me through all the tough spots.

I am still reading the Orchardist. It is a very good book. I just do not get a lot of time to read. It has been a busy couple of weeks and I have been tired at the end of the day. My sneaky friend must have bought me a subscription to Cooks magazine because I have been getting them in the mail and I didn’t order them. I’ll deal with her later! The magazines are really good. I like the way they make cooking seem like a science. I guess it really is in a way. Magazines are great things to read when time is limited.


Back to the sweater though! I am so excited to finally wear it. I am wearing it for the second day in a row and I may have to wear it until it is hot outside. I have a lot of making up time for this little lady. I have to say it is the most comfortable, cozy, warm sweater I own. I am so happy to be able to say I made it myself!


I love the gull lace pattern. Which, if I may add, I can now do in my sleep.


I love the three buttons I chose. They came off another sweater I had that didn’t fit anymore. I really like how the sweater is open at the middle. It has a nice swing to it and doesn’t make my belly look big.

I apologize for all my gushing! I am just so glad to have this sweater on me instead of those needles!

I am linking up with Ginny today for the Yarn Along. Can’t wait to see everyone’s knits and reads. I am also linking up with Jessie and Marie’s link party.

Happy Knitting!


14 thoughts on “Empty Needles!

  1. Followed your photo from Ginny’s because Cooks Illustrated and February Lady Sweater are two of my favorites! Your FLS is gorgeous and fits you so well! Great job! It was also one of my first “for me” sweaters. I don’t blog but am “picklesister” on Ravelry. Your blog is beautiful as well! You enjoy many of the same hobbies/lifestyles as I do!


      1. There is a local shop called Pickle Papers- my sister and I love to go there to shop for paper, pencils, cards, and fun treasures. We often met there when we had little people and needed a Mama escape. They give away tiny pickle pins…..long story short we used give all our gifts to each other with a pickle pin tied on the gift- leading to ‘pickle sister(s)’ and ‘little pickle’.


  2. What a lovely sweater! Great job. I made that pattern for my daughter when she was younger, it’s been one of my favorite patterns since for little ones. Maybe it’s time to consider one for myself!


  3. You are welcome to gush. It’s a great sweater! I like the colors–that will go with just about anything (and with that, yes, you probably WILL wear it until summer. Not a bad thing!).

    I’ve marked the pattern. It’s pretty. Maybe one day when I finish the cardigan I started three years ago (!!!), I will give this one a try.


  4. Beautiful sweater!! I would be gushing too because you did an amazing job! I haven’t made a sweater and have been knitting for about five years. I have many a pattern but just need to do it so I have put this pattern in my Ravelry Library as motivation. 😉


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