Slow and Steady

I am linking up with Amanda for Finish it Friday. I sometimes feel that my finishes don’t really count. They are finishes for me, but not very often are they full quilts finished. I am so very slow. Maybe it is because I have so many projects that I like to work on.

I love the piecing. There are two different quilts that I am working on right now. The Farmers Wife 1930 blocks and Friendship Blocks using Liberty fabrics from a club I joined. I get about one or two blocks a week finished. Some of the Farmers wife blocks are very challenging. I really only get to quilt at night after the kids go to bed.


Here is my latest Farmers Wife 1930’s finish. It is called Hope. It was a little hard because it had a partial seam which I had never experienced. I did it, but it did come out a bit crooked. I am hoping trimming will fix it. Otherwise I will have to take it out and redo it.


Part of the reason I am so slow is that I mark all my seams and pin a lot.


Here is my latest Liberty friendship star block finish. These are pretty quick to sew up. The slow part of this block for me is picking out the fabrics. I obsess about it!


Part of the problem in getting whole quilts finished is that I just have too many hobbies! I just started this embroidery project recently and I am loving it. I also knit, (did just finish a sweater, but that is another post!) and I love to cook! I have two little girls that I love spending time with and that is where most of my time goes. In the last couple of weeks there have been music recitals and dance shows to attend.

So I hope my little finishes are fine to post on Finish it Friday.  I love seeing all of your finishes. It gives me inspiration!

Happy stitching everyone!


4 thoughts on “Slow and Steady

  1. Those quilt blocks are lovely. I appreciate all the effort you put into those little blocks. Your embroidery is lovely also.

    Do you make jewelry? That’s something else I love, both off loom and on loom.
    We share many of the same interests, although admittedly, I have not quilted in a few years. The last time I did, all the quilts were donated to Lutheran World relief. It’s a fabulous organization. I enjoy spending the bulk of my free time with my daughter too. In fact, I spun about an hour ago…. while she is sleeping. Today we’re making homemade pizza and tomorrow I’m finally making those eggrolls. They never got made “the next day,” as originally planned,


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