What’s for Dinner & Recipes

Boy last week was a doozy! A few unexpected things thrown into a week and I get all thrown off. Does that happen to you? Well, after a weekend of playing catch up I hope I am on my game again!

I want to share two recipes with you today. One is for home made french fries and the other is for chuck roast.

My kids would love it if I made home made donuts and french fries at least once a week. Unfortunately for them it is a bit of a process to do both so I don’t make them that often. I should make them more than I do though, since they are so good. French fries are so much better home made!


French Fries

6 or 7 yellow potatoes

Vegetable oil

Heavy cast iron pot

Cut potatoes into strips. I use a mandolin but it could be done with a knife. Notice I don’t peel the potatoes.

Soak cut potatoes in a big bowl of cold water for several hours. Then drain potatoes and dry them with a towel.


Fill a deep pot with about 3 inches of oil. Heat oil to 300 degrees. Be very careful! Oil is a dangerous thing.


In batches deep fry the potatoes for a minute or two and then take them out and place on a cookie sheet lined with a paper bag or a paper towel. The french fries are not done yet. That didn’t stop little (or husband’s big) fingers from testing them!


After the fries have all been cooked at 300 degrees turn up the temperature until the oil is 400 degrees. Then again add fries in batches and cook for another minute or two until they are browning up. Place on a cookie sheet lined with a paper bag again and immediately salt them. I keep them in the oven at this stage on low to keep warm. Also to keep the pre-dinner snackers at bay.


Serve with ketchup or a little vinegar.

I made a chuck roast this weekend.  Beef can be tricky. Beef roasts can be awful. So many times over the years I have made dry, tough, tasteless roasts. I have learned through trial and error. Had a few good teachers as well. My mother in law, while she was alive, loved to cook and did it well. She made the best chuck roast. My mouth would water just thinking about it. She used canned mushroom soup and wrapped it all in tinfoil and cooked it in the oven in a casserole dish on low. I didn’t use canned mushroom soup. (Can’t stand the stuff now) and I cooked it low in my cast iron pot instead of tin foil.

Perfect Chuck Roast (Vickie Style)

One thick chuck roast with lots of marbling.

One large onion sliced

3 garlic cloves cut up in chunks

5 or 6 white button mushrooms sliced

One stick of butter

salt and pepper

3 TBSP of flour

1/4 cup red wine


First melt 1/2 stick of butter in pot and saute onions and garlic. Salt and pepper that mix. Add mushrooms for a bit. You don’t want them to get too cooked, just enough to get the flavors to come out.

Spoon out the veggies and add the other half of butter and melt. Add flour. Cook for a minute or two. Add red wine, a little water and stir until thick. Add enough milk to make a creamy gravy, or soup. Add a little more salt. Add back in the onions, garlic and mushrooms.

Put your chuck roast right in the mushroom soup mixture. Cover with a tight fitting top. Put in the oven at 300 degrees for a couple of hours. Check it and if it is still tough, which it probably will be, turn the meat over and ladle more soup over the top. Replace top of pot and return to oven for another hour or so.

When it comes out again it will be so tender and creamy you won’t be able to wait for everyone else to start eating it.

And that brings us to my menu for the week.

Monday: Jambalya

Tuesday: Turkey Soup

Wednesday: out – orchestra concert

Thursday: Sausage and Onions with Asparagus

Friday: Boneless chicken BBQ and brown rice and mixed cauliflower and carrots

Saturday: Spaghetti and clam sauce and salad

Sunday: Shepards Pie

If you have any meals to share comment below!

Enjoy your week!




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