The Never Ending Cookie Jar


Our cookie jar is not hidden. I don’t think I could get away with that even if I tried. Believe me I have tried to hide goodies. Have you ever tried hiding chocolate chips from the kids? Or your husband? I tried. It was always a really good spot way back in the freezer. Wrapped with rubber bands and in a plastic bag. They always found it. Always got into it and replaced the rubber bands just so and put them back in the plastic bag. They probably could have gotten away with it had I not noticed the amount getting smaller and smaller each time I needed some. So our cookie jar is on our kitchen counter. It is usually full or almost full. Yes the cookies get eaten. How does it stay full? It isn’t a secret. It is the ‘cook more than you need’ method.

I have a big mixer. The mixer has a 7 qt bowl. We use it to make lots of good things like bread, muffins, mashed potatoes and most definitely cookies!


The plan is to make a huge batch of cookies. Fill the cookie jar up, after the cookies cool of course. Then put the rest of the cookies in the freezer. Usually we make a batch of cookies every week. (I love that the girls enjoy cooking!) Most times there are still cookies in the freezer when we make a new batch. What is good about this plan is that whenever you go to the freezer to fill up the cookie jar there are a variety of cookies so the jar ends up having a nice selection.

I have to say I am pretty sure everyone in this house loves the never ending cookie jar. One of the first things my boys do when they come visit is head for the jar, take off the top, grab one (or three) and place the top back on. I love being able to always have cookies on hand to offer people if they stop by.


Now isn’t that one of the better things in life? Yummm!

Hope you have a nice Thursday!




2 thoughts on “The Never Ending Cookie Jar

  1. Those look delightful. My daughter loves her sweets. She’s thin and still growing like a weed. She takes after me with the high metabolism. I’m now 45 and mine not slowed down that much.

    That’s a great idea to make a huge batch and put the remaining in the freezer. I do believe I’ll start doing that myself. I’m not much of a sweet eater, but I do love savory foods. Years ago, I invested in an 9-tray Excalibur food dehydrator. I go through spurts where I use it more than others. It really gets a lot of use around harvest time. I do love making vegetable crackers using the pulp from juicing as my main ingredient. I also make natural cookies using a variety of fruits that I blend in my food processor. Freshly ground flax seeds is the binder.

    I made a few eggrolls yesterday; however, the bulk I’m making tomorrow. I’ll be sure to document what I do.


    1. Thank you. I like the all natural idea too. I make really healthy, naturally sweet granola bars but haven’t tried making healthy cookies. I will have to try it.


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